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No Cook Stretchy Playdough, Clean Mud, Flubber, and Cornstarch Goop

A preschool should be appealing to all of a child’s senses- visual, auditory, smell, movement, taste and touch. Children learn best through experiential learning that focuses on engaging these senses in play. They come to better  understand the nature of things when they are able to handle and manipulate them, to change their shape and form, and to experiment with how to use them.

The  sense of touch and smell got more interesting at our school  when Ty joined us. She brought with her some great recipes for sensory experiences-Each of them is easy to make and the children enjoy helping make it; then it is good for hours of fun. Tell us how you and your children like them!


1 cup white flour

1/2 cup salt

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1/2 cup water

Food coloring

  • Mix flour, salt, and vegetable oil in a big bowl.
  • Add food coloring and scented oil to water.
  • Gradually add small amounts of water until mixture is like bread dough. Add water to leftover at bottom of bowl if they are dry.
  • Knead and play. We add rollers, garlic presses, cookie cutters, small pancake turners, and any other tool that you can find.


1 Bar of Dove or Ivory Soap

1 roll of  paper toilet paper

Warm water- warm enough to melt the soap

Cheese grater

Have the children tear up the toilet paper into little bits (the smaller the better). Using a cheese grater, grate the bar of soap into a big bowl. Add the torn up toilet paper to the bowl. Add the warm water a little bit at a time  while mixing the toilet paper and the soap together. You have added enough water when the mixture begins to fell like a thick cool whip. Do not make the mixture soupy. The more you play with it the fluffier it becomes. This is so much fun for kids.


(note this needs to be created in two separate bowls)

Bowl # 1

1 1/4 cup warm water

1/3 cup of Borax laundry booster

Bowl # 2

1/4 cup glue

1/2 warm water

Food coloring

  • Pour mixture from bowl # 1 into bowl # 2
  • Gently lift and mix (it will be sticky for the first minute or two)
  • Pour off extra water so that the flubber is stretchy, not watery


1 box or more of cornstarch

1 cup or more of water

Food coloring

This recipe is so simple but it is not one where  we can give you the  exact amount of the water.  It is so fun when it is ready.

  • Pour most, but not all, of the cornstarch in a big bowl.
  • Add the food coloring to the water although the goop is completely cool without the coloring.
  • Slowly stir the water into the cornstarch. At first it will still have some powder but at a certain point it will be mixed.
  • The consistency you are looking for is to have it feel firm to the touch when you push lightly on the top of the mixture but when you pick it up it melts through you hands. If it is watery and runs through your hands, add some more cornstarch. Play with the measurements. Once you get it, you will know and be able to find the balance with no fuss.

By itself, goop is fabulous to play with. We also put in spoons, small cups, and other tools to play with. Dinosaurs are great fun because it feels like they are stuck in tar when you push them into the goop; we put black washable tempura in the water to simulate tar.

Happy Hours of Play!

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