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Dear Parents,

It was great to be back with all of the kids and their stories of bunnies, trips to San Diego, New York and the Bay Area as well as visiting relatives.
We started fresh with making new playdough and mixing pastel spring colors for painting.
We also did a lot of harvesting both before the break and today. We have been so fortunate and our radishes, carrots, beets, lettuce, potatoes, blueberries, and peas did extremely well. Today’s harvest was the last of the carrots, the potatoes and the beets. The website will have lots of photos and the story of our garden and harvest after tonight. Next week, we will begin planting out tomato plants and get ready for the summer garden..
Parent Coffees

Thursday, May 5th at 9 am in the office.
Friday, May 20th at 9 am in the office
Stone Soup
We are going to use the carrots and potatoes in a special soup that we are going to make on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We will be reading the book Called Stone Soup, an old folk story about three men who come into a village searching for food. At first the villagers hide all of their harvested vegetables, but once the men set up a pot over a fire and heat the water, they surprise the villagers. They say that they can make soup out of just stones.  As they stir the stones, they comment that the soup will be good as it is  but it would be much better if they only had a few carrots. One of the villagers runs off to bring a few from her home. And so it goes until the soup is filled with fragrant vegetables and the men are helping the villagers set the tables for a wonderful feast. that they all share.
We will be making stone soup with our carrots and potatoes but we ask you to help your child bring ONE vegetable that is good for a soup. We love the wonderful mix that comes. On Monday and Tuesday, we will chop the vegetable, put it in the pot and cook the soup. We invite all noon pickup parents to come a few minutes early to join with us in a brief soup feast. Parents who pick up at 4 may also stay for a feast.
Parent volunteers for cutting help on Monday and Tuesday needed- sign up sheet on the table. Thank you!
Warm Weather,  Water Play, and the Sun

The weather will alternate for the next couple of months between warm and cool, sometimes in the same day. On the warm days, we will have out lots of water play as well as the small swimming pool.
Please send a bathing suit for us to use for the next six or so months. One piece for the girls as they can do them themselves and easy on and off for the boys. Please label them with indelible ink.
With warm weather comes the need for sun screen. Please apply sun screen before you child comes to school in the morning. We will reapply for all children in the afternoon but are not available for putting it on in the morning.
Teachers and The Green Room

You will be seeing new faces in the classroom over this week and next. We are having teachers spend a morning in the classroom, do an activity with the children, and lead the group time. This will give us a chance to see them with children now that we have narrowed the field with interviews. We are looking not only for a teacher for the Yellow Room ( that’s you) but for the Green Room which begins in June.
The Green Room will be starting this summer and then it will grow to its full size of 19 in the fall, with most of the students joining in September. In preparation for that addition, we are adding two sets of sliding doors that allow the block and dramatic play area to be used by both groups. Thank you so much to Bruce Walrath and Rhys Coiro, Faye and Marghi’s dads for making that happen. Here is how it will work:  most of the time, when one group is inside, the other group is outside. The doors will be set so the inside classroom has use of the block and dramatic play area, as needed. Otherwise, things stay the same.
Green Room Information Revisited
1. The class will have 19 children per day and 3 teachers just like the Yellow Room.
2. The morning classes will not mix and the parent events, such as coffees and potlucks will be separate.
3. The Green Room starts at 9 am and ends at 12:15 or 4:15 so I will have time to greet each group, it won’t be too crowded at drop off and pick up times, and the room schedules will work well.
4.  The afternoon children from both groups will be together; there will just be a couple of children staying as we begin and not many more in the fall.
5. Everything else will stay pretty much the same.
6. As always, please talk with me about any question or concerns.
Happy Spring!
Deborah, Ty, Maya, and Allison

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