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Children love to eat what they make. The children are going to be cooking twice this week.  We will gather around the round table and take turns adding the ingredients step by step. Even the pickiest eaters enjoy mixing and stirring.

This week,  we will make whole wheat waffles with fruit and bread pudding with a bit of raspberry jam. I suspect they will be big hits.

Snack Menu

March 28th- April 1st

Monday Morning

Apple slices, cheddar cheese, sandwich thins

Monday Afternoon

Pears, wheat thins, string cheese

Tuesday Morning

Sugar Snaps peas, cream cheese and crackers

Tuesday Afternoon

Apple slices, child made Waffles with butter and syrupWednesday Morning

Plain yogurt  “parfaits” with oats and honey bar and strawberries

Wednesday Afternoon

Clementines,  almond butter and  Wheat Thins

Thursday Morning

Pears, child made bread pudding

Thursday Afternoon

Applesauce, black beans, whole grain tortilla chips

Friday Morning

Sugar snaps, crackers and cream cheese

Friday Afternoon

Apples slices, cottage cheese and veggie sticks

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  • Comment by jessica — April 8, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

    I love these snacks. Thanks Ty, Deborah, Allison and Maya!

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