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We are enjoying the oranges from one of our parent’s trees as well as clementines. The children also have shown a fondness for Mexican food, especially guacamole, black beans and refried beans. So this week, they are all on the menu.

We are hopeful that radishes will be pulled from the garden this week. They have grown these amazing big leaves and the radishes are now popping up above the ground and they are getting redder every day.

Monday Morning

Sugar snaps, Guacamole with corn tortilla strips, mango juice

Monday afternoon

Clementines, wh. wheat crackers with almond butter, grape juice

Tuesday Morning

Pink Lady apples, oats and honey bars, string cheese, blueberry- pomegranate juice.

Tuesday Afternoon

Edamame, tortellini , mango juice

Wednesday Morning

Pears, cream cheese on flat bread, apple juice

Wednesday Afternoon

Tangerines, hard-boiled eggs, wheat thins, apple juice

Thursday Morning

Pears, Sandwich thins with Sunflower seed butter, cranberry-Raspberry juice

Thursday Afternoon

Apples, veggies sticks with hummus, apple Juice

Friday Morning

Pears, yogurt,  wheat thins, pomegranate- blueberry  juice

Friday Afternoon

Sugar Snaps, black beans and wh. wheat torillas, mango juice

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