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Summertime brings us back to one of the children’s favorite recipes- Berry and Yogurt Parfaits. We will be making them  this Friday and then freezing some yogurt mixed with the fruit for frozen treats next week.

 1. Mix plain yogurt with a bit of honey. Stir until smooth.

2. Prepare the berries by gently washing and drying them; this week we are using strawberries so the children will cut them into small pieces.

3. Break up Oat and Honey granola bars into little pieces.

4. Using a clear glass or cup, layer the fruit, yogurt, and granola twice, ending with the granola.

Enjoy this healthy and yummy treat. Fruit mixed in yogurt also makes wonderful frozen treats. Simply mix the yogurt, a touch of honey, and the berry of your choice and freeze them with good sized sticks in them. We use tongue depressors to ensure every one comes out.

Snack Menu

July 11- 15th

Monday morning

Wh. wheat lavash with hummus and melon

Monday afternoon

Grapes, String cheese, wheat thins

Tuesday Morning

String cheese, whole wheat muffins, and sugar snap peas

Tuesday Afternoon

Yogurt and honey and plums,  granola bars

Wednesday Morning

Quesadillas and watermelon

Wednesday Afternoon

Hummus, chips, and peaches

Thursday Morning

Almond butter, rice cakes, and clementines

Friday Morning

Yogurt and Strawberry parfaits- child made- granola topping

Friday Afternoon

String cheese, Wheat Thins and fruit salad


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